About Us


FullyLED Inc. was created for the purpose of providing a quality source of LED lights. But more than that, it was created after the owners experienced many frustrating dealings with other business who didn’t fulfill their promises. We were tired of companies only looking at their profits, and not at the needs of their customers.You can find LED lights from many companies, but we are never going to do anything “under the table” or anything that would treat another customer better than you. Our word, our promise, our price and our service will stand. We are a faith based business, which simply means that we are accountable for the way we operate this business. Therefore, we never want to do anything that we would be ashamed of, to you our customer.

I realize that is a big statement, but we are serious about our reputation. We are also serious about providing a business that we will always be proud of. Therefore, if you have any questions, concerns or problems, just come to us and let us know and we will resolve them the best we can. We aren’t perfect, yet we just want to serve you without creating any additional stress in your life. That’s our commitment to you, that’s the service you deserve.


Quality – Our LED Products are made from quality materials, and are built to last.
Integrity – It takes years to create business integrity and seconds to lose it. We will Be there for You!
Guarantee – We Stand by Service and Products. We Will make sure you are satisfied!.


Our Beginning

FullyLED began a partnership between WAN CHEN WENG and ALLAN MCQUARRIE. Wan Chen (Jean) is a Canadian citizen who was raised in mainland China and hence is fully capable to deal with her counterparts in the Chinese manufacturing industry being fully bilingual. Jean is in the final stages of completing her Degree in Mathematics from Queen’s University, she also holds a license from Industry Canada as an Amateur Radio operator and as such is electrically proficient in LED technology and theory. Jean will lead the Asian aspect of dealing with manufacturing and negotiations. Allan McQuarrie has been the Executive Director of charitable organizations for over 20 years as well as a business owner. He is fully capable to direct and lead a company with multiple staff. His expertise is in providing leadership and vision setting and bringing a company to its next level. He holds a Masters degree and as a business owner managing an internet company that leased and serviced dedicated servers for the industry. He has an electronics background and is also licensed by Industry Canada in amateur radio. He too has a good grasp of the electronics and theory of the LED technology. As they assemble a team of installers and office management this company will always seek the advice of other successful business managers in various fields for guidance and problem-solving

FullyLED began as a partnership business. In January of 2018 FullyLED incorporated and brought on Dave Lock as a third partner. His years of sales experience in sales and leading various businesses has proven a great asset to bring this company to the next level.