Retrofit Labels

Retrofit Warning Label

Retrofit Labels

If you are unsure of any aspect of a fixture that has this label attached or has been retrofitted, call a licensed electrician, and have them service this fixture.

This fixture is dangerous and should only be serviced in accordance to provincial electrical code by a certified electrician.

FullyLED Inc. takes no responsibility to any uncertified alterations to such a fixture that has been retrofitted.

If you should see this label then it means that the fixture has been altered so that the ballast has been removed and the lamp holder are live.

CAUTION must be observed!

The fixture has been modified and electrical shock can occur.

At some point a certified electrician has removed the ballast from this fixture.

The result is a potential electrical shock as 120/277 volts are present at one or both ends of the fixture.

WARNING: Risk of fire or electric shock. Never connect to, disconnect from or service while circuit equipment is energized.
WARNING: Risk of fire or electric shock. Luminaires wiring, power supply, or other electrical parts may be damaged when drilling for installation of retrofit assembly hardware.
WARNING: Risk of personal injury. This equipment may have sharp edges. Wear gloves to prevent cuts. All service shall be performed by qualified service personnel
WARNING: Do not install with total power input greater than power rating of original fixture.