RetroFit Makes Sense

Why bother with the hassle of doing a retrofit? It is true that there is a cost involved to retrofit you office, warehouse, condo or church. However, there are some great reasons why it makes sense. The answer is not just savings, it is a better light, a flicker free light and an eviromental benefit, as well as great finacial savings! Watch our videos and see what these reasons are, so you will be better informed. Also, know that our company was founded to be an example to amazing stress-free customer service. We will take the stress out of the work, and make the process a pain free conversion.


Lower energy costs

Extremely efficient LED lights will yield significant energy cost savings every month, immediately. The positive payback period (the amount of time to turn cash positive from energy savings) is the quickest in alternative energy, averaging 2-4 years opposed to 20+ years for solar energy.

Minimize maintenance LED lighting products are extremely resilient and have a very long service life. Compared to standard fluorescent T8 tubes, which are rated for 10,000 hours, a LED replacement T8 tube is rated for 50,000 hours, which is over 16 years under a normal 8 hour/day operating conditions!
Imagine not having to replace a fluorescent tube for 10+ years!
Better performance LED products are BRIGHT! Besides being extremely efficient, premium LED products like FullyLED lights have a very high lumen output, which results in a very well lit and comfortable environment. Retrofit customers can expect a space which is 20-30% brighter than pre-retrofit.
Environmental benefits Fluorescent light tubes operate by electronically charging gasses within the tubes to create illumination. Unfortunately, one of the gasses contained is mercury, and phosphorus which is poisonous to humans and detrimental to the environment. Currently, there are no easy ways to recycle fluorescent tubes, and often leaking into the environment and water sources via landfills.